Teazl. Learning that sticks

TEAZL is an interactive appmaker. Using our desktop platform – the Teazl Builder – Teazl enables you to
create learning and training content for your staff and grads for delivery straight to mobiles

Teazl training and education

Training and Education

Teazl mLearning enables you to condense current courses or build new content into smartphone-ready learning, quickly and easily. With Teazl you can create new content or condense longer  modules into learning that sticks.

Teazl health and wellness

Health and Wellness

Teazl Health focuses on key areas to deliver activities in an engaging way. Teazl Health requires active learning: participation in and reflections on the activities. Teazl Health key areas are Healthy Food; Moving Body; Strong Mind and Connecting Relationships

Teazl games for graduates

Games for graduates

Recruiting graduates is competitive and Teazl understands to retain good staff you need to provide accessible, quality training. Providing on-the-spot learning accessed via smartphone, you’ll keep graduate recruits engaged in new and interesting ways.

Teazl workplace health safety and compliance

Workplace safety and compliance

With learning going mobile, Teazl is the fastest, easiest platform for designing workplace health and safety training for delivery straight to mobile phones. Teazl is particularly suited to remote or dispersed workforces at multiple locations requiring site-specific training

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Teazl. Learning that sticks

For learning designers, graduate managers and anyone responsible for training or L&D, Teazl is an intuitive, easy to use platform that enables you to upload content in less than 15 minutes. You can embed face to face training, provide bite size learning modules on any topic including OH&S, on-boarding, customer service – from your own existing programs or access our content from thought leaders and experts. Teazl understands the importance of embracing our natural tendencies to use our mobile in such a way that increases learning retention. The ultimate aim of which leads to greater productivity and a happier workplace. At Teazl, we love to learn. Our passion is finding ways to grow by integrating the latest neuroscience into smart, fun and easy learning that sticks. At Teazl, we like to keep things simple. Your information may be complex, but we can help you transform even the most intricate procedures into straightforward learning that sticks.


Learning that sticks

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Smarter Learning

92% of Australians own a smartphone and call it their “go to” device. We’ve embraced that relationship by providing an eLearning platform that is exclusively for use on mobile.

Easy and Instant

With Teazl you can turn content into affordable mobile learning in less than 15 minutes. Teazl enables you to create embedded learning that is instantly accessible and easy to upload.

Ready Made Content

Don’t have content but want to provide accessible training quickly? We have a library of content that can be customised to suit your needs.

Custom Made Learning

At Teazl, we like to keep things simple. Your information may be complex, but we can help you transform even the most intricate procedures into straightforward learning that sticks.

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Learning that sticks

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