Teazl is education that’s mobile, effective and accessible anywhere


Fast To Build

Course designers can build and publish a Teazl course in minutes and make updates in realtime.

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Easy To Use

Teazl is a high-quality, well-designed app that is easy for employees to use, so education is more accessible.

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Teazl is an accessible, affordable eLearning tool which is within budget, without skimping on quality.

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Based on Science

Using the latest in neuroscience and psychology, Teazl is an eLearning app designed from the outset to empower course creators so that their learning sticks.

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See just what sets Teazl apart from the crowd, leveraging tools like audio, video, geolocation and more. Find out how Teazl’s approach to learning using neuroscience makes learning stick. Learn more…



Teazl courses deliver straight to mobiles, because we know that 92% of Australians see mobile as their go-to device.




Already a facilitator / trainer / expert?

Help learning be retained by creating extensions to existing workshops, so learners can actively practise, explore and reflect on the course – even after the workshop is finished.



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