Key Benefits:

tick_45x45 Build your own elearning Apps

tick_45x45 No programming skills required

tick_45x45 Develop unlimited modules

tick_45x45 Build a course within 15 minutes

tick_45x45 Easy to share with employees

tick_45x45 Based on evidence-based learning

tick_45x45 Extend learning from real-world training workshops



Step 1: Publish your course using the Teazl Builder

Step 2: Give access to your learners via the Teazl app




Learners View

  • Mobile-only app, available on Apple and Android
  • Bite sized content
  • Leverage photos, videos and audio,
  • Reinforce learning with learner-driven notes
  • Challenge learners with time-based challenges
  • Get active with location-based challenges
  • Learners can upload photos of their work or observations for self-reflection

Course Creator view

  • Web-based building platform called Teazl Builder
  • Build multiple courses
  • Specify which audiences use each course
  • Brand it with your corporate design
  • Use multiple media types
  • Leverage the latest in psychology and neuroscience to ensure learning sticks
  • Create short modules which are easier to consume


Create courses

tick_45x45 Create and edit text for instructional screens

tick_45x45 Insert photos images audio or movies

tick_45x45 Interactive features such as timers and notetaking

tick_45x45 Incorporate maps and real-world locations into courses

tick_45x45 Learners can take photos of their experiences or work

tick_45x45 Link to websites, policies or documents

tick_45x45 Advanced learning tracks so learners can pick different pathways to enable self-directed learning

Preview and Publish

tick_45x45 Client Branding

tick_45x45 Update content in real-time

tick_45x45 Preview end-user view prior to publishing


Backed by science

Teazl leverages the latest evidence-based learning techniques to ensure your courses stick.

We leverage the AGESSS model of learning from the Neuroleadership Institute from New York University (NYU).

We designed the app to ensure learners can:

  • Have opportunities for active and experiential learning
  • Actively reflect on their learnings so Metalearning can take place
  • Be repeatedly exposed to content to embed the learning
  • Learn using mediums including video and audio
  • Learn in accessible bite-sized pieces to prevent fatigue.

Find out more about our approach here.


Get inspired

Make courses to upskill your employees. Create courses to get your staff ready for the changing workplace.

Create courses in: People management, Change management, Delivering bad news, Teams working together, Empowering women, Employee happiness, Employee resilience,  Work/life balance and more.


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