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Teazl is an easy-to-use eLearning course builder, which helps course creators build bite-sized courses delivered to smartphones, so learning can happen anywhere, anytime.

During the 30 Day FREE Trial, you also have access to Teazl’s full suite of features:

  • Hosted by Teazl
  • Develop Unlimited Modules
  • Content Is Delivered To Only People You Give Permission To
  • Create and edit text for instructional screens
  • Insert photos images audio or movies
  • Include features such as timers and notetaking
  • Incorporate maps and real-world locations into courses
  • Learners can take photos of their experiences or work
  • Link to websites, policies or documents
  • Advanced learning tracks so learners can pick different pathways to enable self-directed learning.

Free 30-Day Trial

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Don’t forget that we’ve got plenty of free resources to help you on the way, or you’re welcome to get in touch any time and we’ll help you out. Ready to purchase Teazl for your organisation? Give us your details so we can get in touch!

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