A group of game designers came together on Saturday to collaborate and design a rich history game surrounding the rocks that would enable tourist to explore and discover secret locations surrounding the rocks.. Together ideas were explored and thrown to the curb. Until one of the ideas that started of a bit tangled and rough around the edges emerged. That idea of creating a chase loosely based around the history of the “the push”. Tourists have to locate the evidence by navigating the streets of the rocks to discover each step of the game. The tourist can either choose to be on the push side or the police side.

One of the most famous haunts of the Rocks Push was Harrington Place, also known as the “Suez Canal” one of the most unsavoury places in Sydney in the 18th Century. Leaders of the Rocks Push were crowned through victory in bare-knuckle boxing matches.

The storytelling behind the game for tourist adds an element of fun by being taken on an adventure . By captivating tourists with stories they will be able to connect with the History surrounding the rocks.

The Game design workshop was successful in developing the collaborators planning and strategy of the history game to a ‘hands on’ element of walking through the game that was designed and seeking out secret locations that will captivate and surprise tourists.

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