Everyone knows that lifelong learning is necessary for productivity and personal growth, but yet, who has time? With Australians quite possibly working more hours than ever, as well as commuting further, and for longer, than they ever have, it is difficult to fit in a sneeze, let alone an e-learning course.

What’s worse, this is a problem for which Google offers no great answers.  One could easily spend far more time wading through lackluster advice columns on making time for learning than they could actually doing the learning.  Well-intentioned no doubt, but for the average person, advice such as  ‘Make Learning a Priority,’ ‘Make Use of Your Free Time’ or ‘Understand You’re Not a Superhuman’ is hardly useful if you are trying to multi-task drinking your morning latte and cleaning your teeth just so you can get to that morning meeting.

To that advice, here at Teazl, we say: Thanks. But. No. Thanks.  Instead, we’d like to offer you our own breed of slightly tongue-in-cheek, reality-flavoured advice that is more focused on the thing you actually want to be doing – the learning.

  • Piece of Advice #1
  • Scenario: Your Boss
  • Action Learning: If this course can’t be delivered on my mobile, I won’t do it.

8am.  Arrive at work.  365 emails unread. 7 meetings booked.  Your staff member needs you.  Your phone rings.  Chaos ensues.  5pm comes and goes.  You know you need to do that online leadership course.  But you have to do it at your desk.  Tomorrow.  Next week.  Next month. Next…no, really, probably never.

That problem is one of the past, thankfully.  M-learning (mobile learning), set to take the world by storm, allows access to learning, anytime, anywhere, and from any personal electronic device.  Although the industry is still in its infancy here in Australia, a great way to quickly advance what will definitely be a revolution is if everyone holds their boss to account, starting now.  So what are you waiting for?

  • Piece of Advice #2
  • Scenario: Your organisation’s Instructional Designers
  • Action Learning: Fun e-learning is a thing.

We’ve all been there.  And by ‘there’ we mean that time where we were forced to do that incomprehensibly boring e-learning course, and we have thought to ourselves, the only thing more boring than doing this course would be designing it, so why on earth would anyone agree to do that?

Luckily, although not all content can be inherently interesting, pretty much all e-learning now can be.  If your organisation’s e-learning department hasn’t yet figured it out, fun e-learning is now totally a thing, thanks to the use of innovative techniques like branch scenarios and action mapping, that are ensuring that training much better mimics real life and as such, is more interesting and engaging for the learner.

  • Piece of Advice #3
  • Scenario: Your organisation’s L&D Department
  • Action Learning: Rejoice! Micro-learning is here!

The internet abounds with useful things you can learn in 10 minutes.  The average attention span now hovers somewhere around 8 seconds.  Why, then, do so many organisations force their employees through painstaking, 2 hour e-learning courses?

If this sounds like your organisation, the good news is, long is out, and micro-learning is in.  Micro-learning is bite-size learning, typically lasting no longer than a couple of minutes at a time.  It has been scientifically proven to increase performance and productivity.  So if your L&D department insists on a learning curriculum that rival your high-school years in terms tenure and pain, feel free to point them towards the life-saver that is micro-learning.

So the realest of real advice for making time for learning is, in fact, not making more time, but making better learning – something that we at Teazl are infinitely passionate about, and proud to be making happen.

Author: Janine Cahill

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