Learning on your Smartphone

Teazl is an eLearning platform that is exclusive to Smartphones. It’s intuitive, easy to use and provides an elegant interface that enables you to upload content in less than 15 minutes.

What about PCs and tablets?
Latest research shows that up to 92% of Australians own a Smartphone, and are calling it their “go to” device. You only have to take a look around to know this is true. We’ve taken that one step further by providing an eLearning platform that is specifically created for Smartphones only.

A growing number of employees work remotely, have flexible hours and have a need to manage their work/life balance, which is why Teazl is perfect for the modern workplace. Creating educational messages is vital for keeping employees engaged, up-to-date with latest policies and technologies, and is a must if you want to retain top staff.

But education isn’t the issue, it’s how we learn that’s the principle issue.

Embedded learning is a feature of Teazl. We provide a platform that encourages key messages – the ones that stick in people’s minds. Working smarter means we have less time to sift through lengthy documents, what we need is instant information that’s succinct, relevant and able to be retained.

By concentrating specific subjects to a Smartphone platform you ensure that the information provided can be received anytime, anywhere and in such a way that receivers can recall the message.

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