We were so excited to be part of Business NSW startup exhibitors at CEBIT 2016. Our startup teazl (simply the best appmaking platform in the world) is grateful to the support BusinessNSW gave, both with an MVP (minimum viable product) grant and the CEBIT support.... read more

Game Design Workshop

A group of game designers came together on Saturday to collaborate and design a rich history game surrounding the rocks that would enable tourist to explore and discover secret locations surrounding the rocks.. Together ideas were explored and thrown to the curb.... read more

Try getting this out of your head

via GIPHY How learning, Queen and an inventive animator made a remix Great learning taps into stuff you already know – and brings it back to the surface – with new connections. After seeing this gif my brain is playing the music ” We will we will... read more

Is Flexible Work on the Out

Offering employees the option to work flexibly has long been lauded as the answer to many organisational woes – from encouraging diversity through offering work-life balance, to saving money on facilities costs, to accessing a global talent pool; often at a fraction... read more

The Ultimate Guide to Resilience

Setbacks are the name of the game in corporate Australia today, especially in an economy that is on the brink of recession, and in an era where everything is getting more expensive, yet wage growth is at an all-time low. Yet amongst rampant job losses, mortgages on... read more

How to Ask for Flexibility at Work

Despite the idea of flexible work being relatively old news since technology made it possible nearly two decades ago, research shows that organisations are still abysmally slow in adopting flexible work practices.  But who is really to blame for this? A recent study... read more

Time to Stop Catering to Learning Styles

Are you a visual learner, auditory, or kinaesthetic learner? Have you adapted your learning materials to try to cater to certain student’s learning styles? If you have – you’re certainly not alone.  Learning style rhetoric has dominated the field of education for many... read more

Annual Performance Reviews: R.I.P

Recently, a cavalcade of arguably some of the world’s most performance-oriented companies, from Accenture to Deloitte and many others, dumped their annual performance review systems.  Citing a means that does not justify an end, Accenture CEO Pierre Naterme claims... read more

What Graduates Want

Cebit 2016Game Design WorkshopYou’re Wasting your Training Dollars and Here’s Why Youth unemployment in Australia recently reached 14.2%, the highest that it’s been since 1998.  For those that recently completed a university degree, the figure is even worse – on... read more

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