How learning, Queen and an inventive animator made a remix
Great learning taps into stuff you already know – and brings it back to the surface – with new connections. After seeing this gif my brain is playing the music ” We will we will rock you”. Im trying to remember the lyrics, the music etc
In future  I wont be able to think of the song without also seeing this very simple clever animated gif. So now this image is tied to the song.
Teazl uses a learning model – AGES – from Neuroleadership Institute-  which is really relevant here.
This gif grabs ATTENTION.
It requires GENERATION OF IDEAS/STORY  (the song, its name, the lyrics, the band, maybe also a place you heard it)
It generates EMOTION  (if the gif generates a memory)
It involves SEQUENCING – Repeated at particular intervals – well, its still playing in my head….
If only learning were as easy as music. And thanks juliemandelbaumberg at gyphy for the animation.


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